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Social Bookmarking

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Social Bookmarking

Why maintain hyperlinks in your favorites database when you can use open source software known as “social bookmarking”? Social bookmarking is simple way you can research the web by tagging and sharing your webpage's.  You choose a social bookmarking application service like diigo or delicious, and then bookmark your researched websites that interest you by labeling it and using keywords called tags.


LiveBinders is  a way for users to bookmark and showcase WebPages in a categorical format  using tabs to organize web url's. The user can select a broad topic category like "Learning Support Tools" designed to help struggling students and then organize sub categories around language development through the use of tabs.  It is suggested that the user install the bookmark tool to the browser by dragging a widget to the taskbar. The bookmark tool will then work the same way as any social bookmarking resource, like Delicious. After the user creates their binder a thumbnail will be created that can be stored as an active or private icon for others to view or for personal reference.  The edit menu allows the user to select from multiple features that include;

  • Text Editing
  • Layout Options
  • Video Uploads
  • Adding Credits
  • Uploading Graphics
  • Tab Titling  
  • Creating Custom Covers


LiveBinders can be used in the classroom the same way a teacher uses student binders to help organize research material by categorizing within a main topic.





Delicious is a bookmarking service that is specifically designed for saving and sharing bookmarks. It is useful tool for educators because the software application allows for the storage and categorization of hundreds of links to interesting web sites. Delicious makes it easy to store links all in one place. When used in the classroom students can publish links for other class members to use especially when developing classroom collaborative projects.  The power of Delicious as an educational tool is in making  bookmarks accessible to other students in a learning community, and makes everyone else’s bookmarks available to those who are invited to join the learning community.


By ‘tagging’ your bookmark on Delicious with brief one or two word descriptors, enables a search to be conducted across the entire site for bookmarks others have labeled with similar interest. Therefore if you have a particular interest in say ‘Literacy 2.0’, and you do a search across Delicious, you will aggregate all of the sites that have been tagged ‘Literacy 2.0’ by popularity. The process of searching by tags leads to the discovery of content rich environments where in-depth learning can occur. Delicious can be used then as a process of post holing knowledge into deeper meaning of content.


Bookmark any site on the Internet, and get to it from anywhere

  •  Instead of having different bookmarks on every computer, Delicious makes it easy to have a single set of bookmarks kept in sync between all of your computers. Even if you're not on a computer you own, you can still get to your bookmarks on the Delicious website.


Share your bookmarks, and get bookmarks in return

  •  If your friends use Delicious, you can send them interesting bookmarks that they can check out the next time they log in. Of course, they can do the same for you. As you explore the site and find interesting users, you can use our Subscriptions and Network features to keep track of the Delicious tags and users you find most interesting.


Discover the most useful and interesting bookmarks on the web

  •  See what's hot with Delicious users by checking out our popular tags. By looking at popular bookmarks for a tag, you'll be able to discover the most interesting bookmarks on the topics you're most interested in. Browse bookmarks on just about anything from the best programming tips to the most popular travel sites, all in an easy to read format.





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