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Discovery Education

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Discovery Education

Dodge City Public Schools holds a District License for Discovery Education Streaming.  This is for our staff and students. Discovery EducationTM streaming is a comprehensive K-12 library of digital resources that enables seamless integration of standards-based videos into classroom lessons. Discovery EducationTM streaming offers videos and resources from award-winning producers such as Discovery Education, Discovery School, Standard Deviants, Weston Woods, Sunburst Technology, ASCD and more!


Discovery Education streaming Plus is an absolute must-have tool to provide students with a richer, deeper understanding of topics under study. This is a great way to provide differentiated instruction, to allow for various styles of learning, and to enable students to become “eyewitnesses” to the events, places, things, and people studied in the classroom. The flexibility of this resource can’t be topped. Educators can use an entire video or just a short segment to illustrate a point or to quickly demonstrate a concept. The latest version of streaming Plus provides two important features—the ability to differentiate instruction for ELL populations through the new world languages media and materials available in hard-to-find languages such as Mandarin Chinese and Arabic, as well as the opportunity to access comprehensive programming such as PBS productions, Planet Earth, Smash Lab, and more. Discovery Education streaming Plus is a service that will enhance curriculum, meet standards, differentiate instruction, and—most importantly—expand the academic achievement of your students. Highly recommended.


Important Notes:

  • Contact your school's office for your school's passcode flyer to obtain access.
  • Each School has their own passcode. (Passcodes are available through your building principals)
  • Below are video tutorials and resources to get help you get started.

What is the difference between streaming and downloading a video?

Streaming a video allows you to display or play the beginning before all the data has been transferred. At times the video will stop or start as more of the file is transferred. If your school connection is slow, it is recommended to download or use the Network Manager.  Streaming is useful if you are previewing a video. Streaming happens when you press the play icon.


Downloading a video saves the file or video to your own computer. After the video is downloaded, you may view the file on your own computer without being connected to the internet. To download a file, you click on the save icon.  Depending on where your computer stores downloaded files, you may have a choice of location for that file.  If you don't, use your right-mouse click on the download icon, and select "Save Target As", navigate to the desired location, click "save".  When playing a video for a class, it is recommended to download or use the Network Manager if available rather than stream to prevent any internet bandwidth issues that could arise.

Discover Education Resource Documents


Getting Started Resource Links

Discovery  iPad version includes more than 33,000 videos from Discovery Education streaming, Discovery Education Science, and Discovery Education Health. Click on icon to access the iPad log in page and use your Discovery Education log in to preview the dashboard.  To learn more about the app. click here to go to the website.


To use the mobile app. click here to go to this website and bookmark it on your iPad.








Using Symbaloo as A Dashboard on iPad

‘Symbaloo’ is a Greek verb that stands for ‘assembling’ and serves an assembly dashboard for bookmarking frequently used Web2.0 tools. Users can personalize their own set of Web 2.0 tools as a carpenter would keep their tools in a tool box. Additional tabs can be created to formulate sub categories for tools that can include frequently used sites for mixing content, storing content or generating content. In the education world Symbaloo not only serves as a book mark for frequently used Web 2.0 tools but can serve as an assignment marker for created content. Symbaloo can also serve as a tool for helping students to stay organized. Each time a student is taught how to use a new Web 2.0 resource a student can post an interactive link to their symbaloo navigation board.



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