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Widows MovieMaker

Windows Movie Maker 2 lets you create, edit, and share your movies right on your PC. It's easy to use, yet it provides powerful capabilities that rival those of expensive computer editing packages. You can download the software FREE from Microsoft. It works with both Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional Edition. You can also store your video and create links to your Wiki or embed HTML codes to play right off your web site.


Windows Movie Maker 2 makes it easy for just about anyone to make movies on their computer. Just build your storyboard, edit your clips, add music, and you’ll have your first movie ready to go! 


  • Save often
  • Save all components to the same location or production folder
  • Create production folders and save all of our files to a CD or to the desktop.
  • Use a storyboard template to plan your production.
  • To create a narration for your production use short narratives by saving the sound files in sequential order into a sound file folder.
  • If you want both narration and music consider placing your narration in your project – saving it as a movie.  Then opening a new project and import your movie – now you can add a second layer of sound


How To:


Issues and Potential Resolutions:



Media Storage:

  • Teacher tube - A selection of videos that will be of interest to teachers. Channels are organised by subject as well as a professional development section.
  • School Tube - This is intended to be a safe place for students to access and post video. Videos are organised by subject as well as careers, student clubs etc.
  • Edublogs TV - Another dedicated educational site. Videos are organized by subject and year group.
  • Animoto takes your images and creates videos--music videos form your images and pictures. Each image becomes a high production value motion graphics synchronized to every beat of your music.





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