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New SchoolNotes

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Have you every wished you had more room on your whiteboard or chalkboard? Do you ever get frustrated having to write, erase, and rewrite your instructions for each class? How about when a student is absent from school and misses all of the directions given during class? These are all very common questions that educators face almost every day. There is a solution out there and its FREE! It is called New.SchoolNotes.com.


New.SchoolNotes.com was created as a way for teachers to post instructions, lessons, and messages on the Internet. It is part of EducationWorld.com. This new version allows teachers to use editing tools similar to Microsoft Word. You can embed hyperlinks in your instructions, and even integrate HTML code.The features of New.SchoolNotes.com are multiple pages in one account, My Favorite Links, My Files, Flashcards, Calendar and Notification Lists.


One major change from www.SchoolNotes.com 1.0 to New.SchooNotes.com 2.0 is that you can have a single account with multiple pages. Previously, you would have to have a different account for each page. This causes problems for teachers who have two or more preps. Trying to remember all of those usernames and passwords would be a nightmare. Now, to create a new page it is as simple as pushing a button and typing in the name of the page. Teachers can have a page for every prep, every class, and even multiple pages per class…for example, an extra credit page or an on going assignment throughout the year.


My Favorite links gives the teacher the ability to have website links ready for their students so that they can stay on task and eliminate the hassle of making sure every students types in the website correctly. You simply go into the My Favorite links, typing in the address of the website, give a title to the link, and if you want you can give a brief description for the link. Once you have all of your links created you will have to decide which links to show on what pages. You can have all of your links show on all pages, or you can specify which links will show on what pages. This is done by selecting the edit button next to the link. Also, you can make a link active or inactive if you want to save the link, but temporarily remove it.


My files is a newer feature to New.SchooNotes.com. Often times you have to create a document for a worksheet, or maybe instructions for an assignment. You go through all of the trouble of printing it off and making copies and usually, you end up wasting quite a bit of paper. Now, you can upload the file and have it available on the Internet for students to open up anywhere they have access to the Internet. No more having to waste pile after pile of paper that students usually end up throwing away.


Flashcards have always been a learning tool in education. You can find them in Pre-school all the way up to Graduate school. You can now create digital flashcards on New.SchoolNotes.com. You can use text or pictures for the flashcards. You simple add what you want to see on the front, and then add the solution to the back. No more having to buy note cards and take the extreme amount of time to write down all of the information. Also, you don’t have to worry about making multiple sets. Any of your students can use them at any time.


The calendar feature works like any digital calendar. It only allows you to post plain text, but most of the time it is used to help students look up what they missed when they were out of school. Rather than having them come up to you before or after class to get caught up, they can go online, see what they missed, and then if they have any questions they can come and see you. You can also setup the entries like links. You can assign what pages they will appear on, so that you’re not confusing different classes with different assignments.


The final feature of New.SchoolNotes.com is the Notification Lists. This tools allows you to send notifications to your students’ emails that your pages have been updated. In order to collect the email address of your students, they simply have to send a message to you from a page, and type in their email address.


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