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SMART Board Resources

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Getting Started, Working with Ink Aware Applications, and Notebook Software Basics

SMART Board interactive whiteboard will give you an understanding of the basic functions of the SMART Board.  Controlling the application with your finger and writing notes in digital ink to save and share later.  You will be able to insert notes as graphics or text into Microsoft Word and Excel documents.  PowerPoint presentations will be used on the interactive whiteboard and you will be able to save notes in your presentation as well.  Notebook software basics will give you an understanding of the menus, side tabs, and navigating through the Notebook Gallery collections.


You Tube Notebook Basics Video Tutorials by Marcia Jeans

SMART Exchange

Quickly find more than 29,000 free, high-quality, educational resources on the SMART Exchange. Access a wealth of standards-correlated SMART Notebook lesson activities created by both teachers and SMART education specialists. Search the SMART Exchange. You can also join our free online community and connect with other educators locally or around the globe to exchange ideas and find valuable information. Connect with teachers.


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 0e466f9fe4ee42cea44e7bed80cf0b47

About the SMART Video Player

SMART Video Player software is a tool for viewing and writing over videos. You can use it to play standard video files or the output from a video hardware device that's connected to your computer.


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: ec0a248e6b854e75b63bdea9c7898095


Best Resources

Objects in Notebook software

SMART Notebook software is an object orientated application.  Objects consist of all text, images, video and multimedia.  You will manipulate objects and change the properties of these objects to make your lesson more effective.  Drop down menus, the Notebook menu bar, the Notebook tool bar and the Properties side tab will provide all the features you need to create your lesson.

Creating Interactive Lessons, Explore the Possibilities, and Lesson Designs

Creating interactive lesson activities will allow you to create engaging, interactive and dynamic classroom lesson activities.  Discover why and when you would use the interactive whiteboard in your classroom.  You will be able to target student age and ability by including different levels and styles of learning within one presentation.  Students will be able to actively participate in each lesson, thus involving the entire class. 


Interactive Games  


Summer School Activities



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Kim Your presentation was grand. We really were able to gleam a lot of information.
Thanks for your time

troyjanell@hotmail.com said

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Wow. So much information!!! I feel that this will be a great assest to my toolbox. I think that this would be a great workshop for a week. There needs to be more hands on, with time for you to help us. The lack of time to catch up, lead to a lot of frustration. Thank you for all the effort you put into this workshop.

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